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Our Team.

Let's meet our team! At EduTrack, we are determined to bring diverse experiences into our discussions. That's why our Board of Directors is composed of students, educators, parents, and community leaders. 

We are 12 dedicated and passionate individuals who believe in advancing educational equity. 

A Message from Aasim 

We started EduTrack with the intent to protect our communities most vulnerable students. It is with great confidence that I present to you all our talented and dedicated Board of Directors. They represent a commitment to the fighting for educational equity and keeping those on track who need it most.

Executive Director: Aasim Yahya 

VP of Operations: Theresa Macias 

VP of Marketing: Azeema Yahya 

VP of Fundraising: May Patel 

VP of Finance: Michele Blake 

Secretary: Frances Izon 

Director: Denise Lambert 

Director: Sahvannah Rodriguez 

Director: Jodi Masongsong

Director: Philip Kubota 

Director: Rebecca Dell 

Director: Isabella Martinez


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