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Students Empowering Students. 

So what are we all about at EduTrack? The driving belief behind our Foundation is that students are best at empowering other students.

At EduTrack, we provide scholarships for graduating seniors, help start student-led college-pep EduTrack programs, and run the OUR JOURNEY blog. 

Scholarships for Graduating Seniors.

One of the key barriers graduating students face on their way to accessing higher level education and career learning is the cost of tuition and housing. Studies published by the Federal Reserve Board reveal that over 40% of Americans who attended college report that they incurred significant debt in order to finance their degree. Statistics like these, coupled with narratives of adults unable to achieve financial stability due to college debt, can make higher level education appear unappealing and inaccessible. At The EduTrack Foundation, we play a small role in supplementing a large cost by providing individuals with scholarships that they can use towards their own education.  

Over the last 5 years, we've been able to distribute over $10,000 worth of scholarships to graduating high school seniors. EduTrack scholarship recipients are civic minded individuals whose efforts in high school demonstrate their drive and potential to be change-makers in their current and future communities. We look for students who believe in the importance of educational equity and can reflect on why the accessibility of higher level education is important. Applications for the 2020 EduTrack Scholarship are now closed. Please check our website in January for more information. 

Apply for a Scholarship

College Prep & EduTrack Programs. 

We believe that students are the best individuals to educate and equip their own peers with college and career resources. That's why our high school programs provide students with the ability to empower their peers. All of our high school programs are led by high school students who use both the resources and guidance of our EduTrack staff and a digital tool box to build their own on-campus programs. We are committed to creating high school programs at campuses that need it most all across California. 

Our digital tool box is built by college students who understand how inaccessible pathways towards higher level education can be. The tools box includes an in-depth guide which:

  • Introduces the difference between Career Learning, CSUs, UCs, and Private Schools 

  • Provides an overview of how to finance your education through aid and scholarships 

  • Explains the keys to writing a compelling essay 

  • Discusses the best approaching towards making standardized testing manageable 

  • And much more! 

The digital tool box also includes an accompanying set of slides, that student leaders can use to present content easily to their peers in a digestible way. 


Every EduTrack School High Program is different. While we provide students with a digital tool-box to build their own program, financial resources to purchase college and career prep services, and an unlimited access to guidance from our very own college "experts", students have a significant level of autonomy when it comes to the services they provide. In order to start a program, you DO NOT have to know anything about the college and career prep process. We will train you, and thus empower you to do the same with your peers. If you're interested, feel free to click the button below and fill out our short interest form. You should expect a response in 48 hours! 

Centering Student Narratives. 

Our Foundation's newest initiative is the OUR JOURNEY blog. EduTrack's OUR JOURNEY blog provides not only vital updates about our organization, but also seeks to center student narratives. Individuals can submit their posts or even become weekly writers for our blog. We are seeking content that shares stories, tips, policy, and more - all related to higher level education or career learning. The goal of OUR JOURNEY is to describe the diverse experiences and challenges that students face, and how they've effectively overcome them. We are looking to build a digital community of folks whose narratives can empower and enable others through an accessible and free medium. In short, OUR JOURNEY is about our collective journey towards accessing higher level education. 

OUR JOURNEY shares the lived experiences and guidance of those who have went through the process and made the decisions, many high school students are facing. If you want to submit a post or become a weekly / monthly writer, feel free to click the link below. 

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